Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Barley & Green Tea

Remember how I said that my hill workout yesterday was conservative, well, turns out it wasn't because this morning my calves were screaming! I was so sore, like I just ran up a hill, 10 times.

It was cold this morning so I wore compression socks with my shorts in hopes of keeping warm and helping my calves happy. I ran my usual 7 mile loop at a pretty good pace. I wanted to go out for a tempo run and maintain a good speed but there were times where I was freezing and definitely felt like I was running faster.

Today might have been "walk your kids to school" day because I ran into a herd of kids on their bikes, scooters and uncoordinated feet. They were all over the place, not watching where they were going and kept cutting me off. I almost pushed 4 kids into the bushes <-- this coming from the girl who wants 4 kids, never mind I'll take 1.
Tuesday nights are insane for me. After work I have class from 7 to 9pm. It's rough, because on every other night of the week, I'm tucked in by 8:30. Yesterday was extra stressful because I have been really anxious about all the deadlines coming up. But, I got a nice little surprise when I got home.

Anthony brought me tea from this cool little place called Hojas. It's amazing, they use real tea leaves and they smell/ taste fantastic. Anyway, I don't think he really meant anything by it but it really helped calm me down. Plus, seeing him makes me happy. ( I know, mushy stuff, vomit)

Kids? want them or just want to appreciate them from far far away?

Is there anything that soothes/ calms you down when you are stressed out?

Favorite tea flavor? i like herbal teas better than fruity flavored teas

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