Monday, October 22, 2012

I need some space and/or a xanax

This morning I skipped the run, since I ran Saturday (13 miles) and Sunday (about an hour) and because I have a giant stress-induced headache.

First of all, this weekend was.... interesting. I drove up to San Jose with the Galaxy supported team for a game. It was exhausting.

Second, my PI is still sitting on my thesis and the darn thing is due in 10 days. 10 DAYS!!!! Just thinking about it makes me want to vomit. (or that could be the "exhaustion" from this weekend)

Third, I've been super overwhelmed lately. I feel like I always have something to do and somewhere to be and all I really want to do is watch cartoons in my jammies until 4pm. I guess I am having concerns about the choices I have made in the past few months (school, work, running, friends, bf) and I really think it's time to re-evaluate things and make time for myself.  How do you tell school that you need some space? 

On happy news: my mom ran her first 5K this weekend and LOVED it. So proud of her :)

How do you keep you life balanced?

Are you a procrastinator? I'm not. but my PI is and always waits until the last minute. Drives me crazy.

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