Monday, October 1, 2012

The Grammys, A Circus and An Orchestra

Anthony and I went to the Grammy Museum at L.A Live on Saturday for Museum Day Live. Admission was free and we found free parking near the Staple Center. Yippie!!

The museum was actually really cool. They had a bunch of grammy fun facts and artist memborabilia from a bunch of genres. And a whole thing on Whitney Huston. My favorite were the costumes they had on display. Photography was not allowed but I did sneak a photo of Anthony playing with drums in the Heavy Metal section. He pushed a kid off so he could play. 

After lunch we headed to Long Beach for a circus show at the Queen Mary. It wasn't actually on the boat (it was off to the side) so we weren't allowed to get on the boat. The show was really fun. It was old fashion family circus with crazy acts. 

Sunday was a chill day, plus it was really warm so it was nice not to have busy plans. After church, Anthony and I went to yogurt land and then battled Carmageddon and headed to Santa Monica to watch an Orchestra.

I have never seen an orchestra before and I was always curious about it because I love classical music and string instruments. I found tickets valued at $60 for free on, I only paid $10 service fee per ticket. It was pretty awesome. Again, photography was not allowed but I managed to sneak a picture while everyone was setting up. The New West Symphony just got a new conductor and this concert was celebrating him, so they had free cake during intermission! 

There was also a violinist, Anne Akiko Meyers who performed with the orchestra and then solo. She was really good, it totally made me want to take violin lesson so I could be cool like her.

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