Sunday, October 7, 2012

time in the bank

Yesterday was my last real run before the NWM next sunday. I ran 12 miles around an 8:30-9:15 pace.

I'm still going crazy about the ranges in pace. Is this happen to normal people? I should google that?

While I was on my run, I was noticed that my middle miles were a little faster than my goal pace and I had a "little time in the bank". My target goal is 9 min/mile, so if I ran a mile at 8:30, then I have 30 positive seconds to use a little later and running a 9:30 would leave me with negative 30 seconds.

This idea is all fine and dandy, and it made me a little less annoyed with myself and my inconsistent pace I guess that's ok, as long as the overall pace is around a 9 min/mile.

Here's hopping for some time in the bank on race day.

On a tangent note, I have been super swamped and this week will be a killer since I want to finish and submit my thesis to my committee member. I hate stress it makes me super grumpy, I make bad choices (like eat an entire gallon of ice cream) and then feel totally insecure about myself. It's good though, I can see the finish line, but it's overwhelming to even think  about printing a 100 page document.


What does stress do to you?

When you have a big event, when do you start getting nervous? 

What's for sunday breakfast?

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