Saturday, November 10, 2012

a chilly trail run

The hardest part of my 10.5 mile trail run today was getting up at 5 am, to be more specific, getting out of bed. It was cold in my room and I figured it was freezing outside. I tried to make myself as warm as possible for my run. I'm wearing a headband, 2 long sleeve shirts (one of them is a sweater), gloves, a t-shirt, and capri pants. 

This picture was taken after my run so I'm pretty sweaty and gross.

Check out all the mud all over my calf and socks. haha.

All the layers were too much. I was hot after the first mile. I always forget that I am going to get warm once I start running. Duh!

The run itself was amazing, for the first time I wasn't so focused on  the hills and just the sights. The smell of nature is amazing! It was crisp and the sun was shining on the trail and it looked pretty amazing. I think this time I finished the loop 5 minutes faster than last week. 

It was a heck of a workout which has me worried about tomorrow's half. I decided during my last mile that tomorrow should just be for fun. I'm going to try my best but I"m not going full out, which means I probably won't PR but I'm okay with that. 

I already laid out my outfit for tomorrow. It is pretty random based on today's cold morning and the fact that I will probably heat up during the actual run. Notice the beanie, gloves and tank top. 

Have a great weekend!!
Do you overdress on cold days?

When planning an outfit, do you lay out stuff "in case"'?

Plans for this weekend?  

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