Friday, November 9, 2012

crossfit deal

I was really excited to see a living social deal in my email this morning. Its a month of unlimited classes to a local crossfit location. The location is right down the street from where I live, so of course I bought it.

here's the link:

I love crossfit. It is really intense and addictive.  I have tried it a few times but never actually bought a membership. The classes are ridiculously expensive.  The last place I looked at was $100 a week, for unlimited classes but even if I went everyday I can't afford $20 for a one hour class.

I'll let you know how this month trial goes, and who knows maybe I'll stay for good.

This morning I ran 7 easy miles, really easy. It was chilly and it reminded me that I have to look for running headband to run in, like a thermo-headband to keep my ears warm. Its on my weekend to-do list.

Because it has been chilly, I'm making caldo de pollo today. Its the first thing I ever learned to cook and I'm sure it makes my mom proud to know that I eat more than egg sandwiches.

Are you a good cook?

Have you ever tried cross fit?

Do you get living social or groupon deals? How often do you find good stuff? 

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