Monday, November 5, 2012

back to back to back movies

This morning I ran 6 miles at a pretty relaxed pace. At the beginning my legs were tired but I felt warmed up by mile 2 and it was easy money from then on.

Weekend update:::

After my 18 mile run on Saturday, Anthony and I went to a local farmer's market in Torrance. We got a bunch of fruit and had an early lunch at the park while watching a flag football game. It was the perfect afternoon, the sun was out but it wasn't super hot. Then we headed to the movie theater to watch "Flight". The showing was packed so we watched "Wreck it Ralph" instead, then "Flight", and then "Argo". Haha. yeah, pretty exciting, but after that run I didn't want to do much and those movies were awesome. I was reluctant about Argo, but I really liked it and of course I shed a few tears for Ralph.

Sunday night the LA Galaxy played the first game of the semi-finals. Our school was giving away 4 complementary tickets to the game, so I gave 2 to my friend. We already had ours and I tried to give the other 2 away but everyone  I know who lives in LA/  likes soccer/ likes crazy drunk fans or wanted to go already had them. It was a really good game, LA lost but they get to play again for a chance to move to the western finals. My friend watching at home said she saw me on TV- I'm a big celeb now :)

Before the game, Anthony and I had lunch at Lucilles Smokehouse BBQ. I had never been there and it was quite amazing! I loved everything- too bad my appetite is not 100% back (after long runs I can't eat big meals for a while) because I really, really wanted to eat everything in sight.


BBQ fans?

Do you shop your local farmer's market?

Have you ever spent the whole day at the movies? That was my first time, I would do it again as long as the movies were good.

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