Tuesday, November 6, 2012

EXCERSICE... your right to vote

Today is Election Day! just in case you live in a cave and hadn't heard.  Make sure you go out an vote. Doesn't matter who you like, just vote.

I did this morning!  I wont tell you who I voted for but there's really no surprise ( I live in CA, I'm a minority and female)

Anyway, I ran 9 miles today with 6 of those under 8:15 min/miles (3 under 8) and 3 at 9:30. It was hard, my legs felt a little tight which is probably because I did a lot of running this weekend. I have to work on a presentation but tonight I WILL STRETCH- if I say it enough, I'll remember. 

You have heard me rave about compression socks and the company where I buy them from is having a sale! I have worn them for about a year and I have felt a major difference to when I didn't wear them. My calfs don't freak out as much and if they do get sore, it doesn't last long. I wish they would make me a compression bodysuit, I love this stuff so much. check out the flyer. 
Marathon Compression Socks 
Fall is here...so are the New Argyle Compression Socks

Each month we offer you a great deal on a Pro Compression sock. During November, we're featuring our custom Argyle Marathon Socks.

Whether your favorite Marathon Argyle is Baby BlueKhaki or Pink, you'll save 40% and get free shipping when you enter coupon code SOM112 at checkout.

Argyle Banner

Act now and take advantage of incredible savings!  And, yes, you can forward this special offer to your training partners, running groups, co-workers and anyone else who might enjoy our products.
Take Your Recovery to the Next Level with PRO Compression
Pink ArgyleBe the first in your group to sport the completely new Argyle Marathon socks! These high-performance, graduated compression socks are perfect for training, racing and recovery.

Great Features:
- Promotes blood flow for faster recovery
- Built-in "Stabilizer Zone" for optimal support
- Advanced fibers keep you dry
- Made in USA
- mmHg rating 22-26
- Subject to availability

Treat yourself to an incredible deal on a great pair of socks.
List Price $50
Special Offer: Only $30, plus FREE shipping!
Limited Time Offer

I really like the blue but I'm still on the fence- money is tight and I really need new running shoes. But my birthday is in a few weeks and blue argyle socks would make me the happiest girl ever. I wear a Small by the way :)
Ever tried compression gear?

Do you ever had to choose one thing over the other? I do, all the time. Can't wait till I hit the lotto. 
Where will you be watching the election coverage tonight?

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