Sunday, November 4, 2012

ice burn

Saturday's long run was a two part run, that started out great and turned into miserable pain. (yeah, what's new!)

I meet Earnie at George Canyon for our train run at 6am. I was not too happy about being up so early and it was cold, but I went anyway because I don't want to flake out on someone whose being so nice and tolerating me during a run.

We ran the same loop as last week and this week.  It was bad because I felt the uphill climb in my thighs and calfs, I mean FELT IT. And for some reason I kept doing this weird puffing and huffing thing. It was good because the hills were the same, but I ran up ALL of them, I didn't' slip going down, we finished 5 minutes faster, we didn't slow down or stop.

I was so excited about that awesome 10 miles that I felt like superwoman and went out for another 8. I changed my shoes and sweat drenched clothes and set out for my second run. It was good, my pace was steady at a 9min/mile (on tired legs btw).

And what' happened? I forgot my GU, so here I am running mile 16 with nothing in my system except for the Block shot I had 1.5 hours ago. Ahhh, when will I learn!!

I ended up finishing 18 but the last mile was a hard- a weird shuffle run / walk / feeling to lightheaded to continue event. I came home, dunked myself in some ice and ate an apple. Immediately I felt better. Except for the fact, I left the ice on too long and I have frostbite on my knee.

I really need to remember to eat, and eat better and to eat when I'm running.  I don't know if it's because my mind is still  "calories consumed minus calories burned" and that's something I need to actively work and remind myself that I need the fuel for energy so that I can run.
what time do you wake up on weekends?

when you exercise do you do the same routine?

pre-excerise fuel? post?

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