Tuesday, November 27, 2012

track work

I took the last few days off... from everything. Now, I'm pretty much overwhelmed. ahh!

Thanksgiving was great. I spent the holiday weekend at my parents home in Dinuba. And again, I didn't do anything except for eating, napping and reading. I read "A letter to the man who shot me", it was really interesting and a fast read.

My workouts went a little something like this:
Th- nothing, Fri- 6 miles with 4X800's, Sat- 7 miles with 1X1600, 1X1200, 1X800, 1X400 and Sun- 30 min on exercise bike + ab workout.

I did my workouts at the JR. High track where I pretty much started running crazy amounts of miles. I use to drive out the the track and run 8 miles every day during summer break all throughout high school.  It felt good to be back on that track.

This morning I set out for a 7 mile run. I did feel a thousand times better afterwards. Plus, its not freezing here like it was in Dinuba so it was nice to run in shorts and a long shirt and be comfortable as opposed to sweats, sweatshirt, mittens and a beanie and still be freezing.

I feel like I am out of sync with my runs. It was probably the shifting of workouts last week that threw me off. This week isn't going to be much better. I'm thinking of doing my long run on Friday instead of Saturday because Saturday is the MLS cup and the game starts at 1, and people will probably be in the stadium by 12, and out tailgating by 8 am and I don't want to miss it.

If I do switch the long run, my runs during the week have to be modified and that always stresses me out. I know, the decisions I have to make are tough.

Anyway, I'm presenting my thesis next week so have to get back to work.

Do changes in your routine cause chaos in your life?

Any one else come back from thanksgiving to a huge to-do list?

What was your favorite part of the long weekend?

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