Friday, December 28, 2012

Operation Jack Half Marathon

The Operation Jack Marathon and Half Marathon and Satellite Run benefit Train 4 Autism and the Operation Jack Autism Foundation. Train 4 Autism helps people raise money for autism related charities.

The Cost: If you sign up before 9/3 the cost for the full is $55 and the half $45. After September 4, the price goes up by $15. After November 26, the price rises an additional $10.

The Expo: The race is small so there wasn't a big expo. Race packet pickup was before the race. They were very efficient in handing out bib numbers and cotton t-shirts. There wasn't a long line or a lot of people so it was easy to grab your stuff and go.

The Start: Again, because it was a small race there wasn't a problem with crowding. We were encouraged to stay on one side of the bike path but once the race started and people started to spread out, it wasn't a big deal.

The Course: The course was along a bike path on Dockweiler Beach. It was beautiful and scenic but after a while it was a little dull. The ocean and beach start to look the same after a few miles. The weather was also great.

The Volunteers: There were great volunteers. They were there before hand setting up in the rain. There were water stations every three miles which was too far apart. But the volunteers were very helpful and I wish there would have been more water stations.

The After Party: After the race we got a cool dog tag finishers necklace. There was a small booth set up for water, chocolate milk, cliff bars, bananas and oranges. It was small but efficient. I got plenty of water and didn't have to wait in any lines.

The first three women and men finishers each received a prize made by a child with autism. I thought this was a great touch.

Overall: I think this is a great cause. The money raised helps the Train 4 Autism and Operation Jack Organizations. The course is beautiful and tranquil for the half marathon. I think it would be hard to run this race as a full marathon because of the tranquil course and lack of spectators, fuel stations and support. I would definitely run this half marathon again.

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