Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Years Day Race

Happy New Years!!!

My New Years Eve was a bust. I fell asleep at 11:30. hahaha. yeah. 

But I had an awesome New Years Day!

A few weeks ago, I found a coupon code for Commitment Day 5K in Long Beach. I wasn't sure if I had plans or if Anthony would want to join me but for $10 I couldn't resist. 

I told him beforehand that we could jog or walk if he wanted to. He's not a runner at all so I didn't want him to feel pressured so I told him that I would follow his lead.  The race started at 8am and it was COLD!!

We started the race pretty conservatively. I fought all of my instincts to take off fast and just enjoyed the run. I tried to talk to Anthony and make sure he was ok. 

He was fine. And was doing great. He kept speeding up. 

I love this blurry picture. This was in the last 1/2 mile. He said he was tired but I felt like we were running pretty fast. 

We finished at 31:40 (!!!)  at about a pace of 10 min/ mile. I'm so proud of him. I don't think he thought he could run the whole thing. but he did. and it was fast :)

After we crossed the finish line, he sat and rested while I went over to get some water and snacks. 

This was my favorite race of all times. It was so much fun and I was so excited that Anthony was running it with me. I hope he's addicted because I can't wait to run another race together.
Any other New Years Races?

What did you do for New Years Day?

Any New Years Resolutions? 

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