Thursday, January 17, 2013

a six pack in no time

Last nights CrossFit class was ab-solutely crazy.

We started off with 5X 4 push presses. They were intimidating. And I really had to focus on my form and breathing. The last few reps were challenging and I definitely felt the weight and tiredness mess up my form.

After that intense weight, we moved on the floor for abdominal work. For one minute we did V-ups, followed by a minute of bicycles and a minute of plank.  We did this rotation 3 times. The first was good and I felt strong, the next 2 rotations were difficult.

After the first set, my abs were tingly. The second and third set were painful. I hope this means that my six-pack is on it's way.

I felt ok during the WOD, out of breath right after and dead one hour after. I was so tired, I actually had a really hard time falling asleep. Does that happen to anyone else??

This morning I had a 10 miles run with some 4 fast miles. I went up the same hill I've been running for the past few months and felt so terrible. I was tired and my legs were tight and slow. I think this means I need to give myself a break. I've been running plus CrossFit and it's probably too much.  On top of that, I'm really stressed out about life and I'm sure that's adding to my slump.

Do you do/ like ab work?

How long can you hold a plank?

I've been thinking of going Paleo- Anyone out there have any tips/ suggestions?

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