Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Commitment Day 5K review

Commitment Day 5k is a multi-city event, where thousands of Americans kicked off the new year by participating in a simultaneous 5K run/walk event spanning 35 cities.

The big point is to commit to something and follow through. At one point the commentator said something like "you could have slept in, but you made a commitment by signing up and here you are".

Getting in: I'm not sure what the price of the race is, but I would guess between $25 and $30. I found an awesome discount code online for $10.

The Start: In long beach, there were a few hundred people. The course was spacious and there weren't too many people so there wasn't a big congestion problem at the start. Like every other race, after a few steps the crowd started to space out allowing everyone to run/walk the race at their own pace.

The Course: The course was beautiful. It was held at Long Beach Aquarium Center along Shoreline Village. We ran around a marina and saw the boats for a while, the Queen Mary, a nifty little light house and the beautiful little shops at the shoreline village.

The After Party: Participants received a Commitment Day T-shirt and a 2013 Commemorative Commitment Journal.  Water, Coconut water and snacks were also available after the race. There were a few vendors and a DJ playing really good oldies.

There was also a giant poster board with the words "I commit to …" and people could write down a few resolutions/ commitments.

This race was small but very well put together. I enjoyed the low pressure feel of it. I think it's a great way to start off the new year and I can't wait to do it again.

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