Thursday, January 10, 2013

CrossFit: blisters and sore muscles

This week has been hard. I definitely felt it on this mornings run. I ran 10 miles- nothing fast or hard. I was suppose to do 10 miles with 8 miles at marathon pace. I just feel tired, and I just couldn't keep up with 8 fast miles. oh well…

CrossFit Day 2

A. for time. 400m run, 10 deadlifts, 10 toe to bar. 3x. 1min rest followed by 800m run.
B. for time. 15 box jump, 15 kettle ball swings, 15 push ups. 3x. 1min rest followed by 100 double under.

This workout session was a lot more fun and challenging then my previous experience. By the end of it, sweat was dripping off my face like crazy and I already have blisters.

I decided to go to a different time and it seemed to workout better. The instructor was more available to give me tips and correct my sad attempts at completing a deadlift. Most of these drills were new to me and frankly quite intimidating. Anything with a bar and weights is intimidating because I always fear that I am doing it wrong.

The toe to bars were hard. I didn't realize how weak my upper body was. I definitely felt it was difficult to even hold myself up, especially after a few rounds of he WOD. Actually, I do know that my upper body is weak, it is just a harsh reality to accept. I also attribute the blisters on my hand to this exercise (and possible the fact that I was wearing rings)

Lastly, the box jumps were scary. You have to jump from the floor onto a box. For the first half, I was terrified that I was going to miss the box and fall or that I was going to scrape my shins on the side of the box. This was a hard exercise and after a while I felt the muscles in my thigh working. This morning I woke up with a nice sore feeling on the back of my legs/ hamstrings.

Overall a successful workout.

What's your favorite muscle to exercise? least favorite?

Do you have a weak or strong upper body? can you do a pull up?

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