Wednesday, February 20, 2013

rain at the soccer game

Yesterday (Tuesday) was rain. I woke up knowing it was speed work day and I hate getting up for those workouts. I got myself dressed and walked outside and it was sprinkling. I ALMOST ran back inside. But, I have been having a rough time getting motivated and knew quitting before the workout even started wouldn't help, so I jogged over to my 800 meter stretch and got started. 

It sprinkled/ rained the whole time. It wasn't the fastest 800 meters sprints. I felt slow and weak. But, I finished the workout. 6X800 at an average of 3min 40 sec

This morning I did a little workout in my living room. Wednesdays are non-running days but I use that time to strength train since I'm not going to CrossFit anymore and I miss it [my month trial is over :( ] I tried to incorporate a little WOD into my routine. 

Warm up:


The Galaxy season has been over for 2 months (Dec 1st was the championship game) and last night was the last pre-season game before the regular season starts up again in March.

This is also the first game we've been to since the playoffs so it was really nice to see all our friends. 

The team played the Tijuana Xolos. I don't really keep up with teams or leagues, but the Xolos won the championship in the  Liga MX (Mexican Soccer League) so they are a good team.  

It was a fun night. It rained, then it rained harder. The wind was crazy. However, the Galaxy dominated the entire game and won 6-2. 

FYI all Valentine's candy and other goodies are 75% off at Walgreens. 


Do you wait until holiday stuff goes on sale to stock up?

Attend any pre-season games? what sport?

Share your at home workout routine-

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