Friday, February 15, 2013

morning decisions

Yesterday's hill workout definitely did some work on my calves. This morning, I woke up, step out of bed and definitely felt the soreness as I hobbled to the restroom.

I'm pretty sure that soreness= easy run.

**Ok, tangent.  Now that I don't have a training plan, deciding the workout for the day is a million times more difficult. I seriously waste a good 10 minutes deciding what to run--

    "should I do 5 or 6?"     "fast or slow"   "should I run left or right"    "music, no music?"

Anyway, after standing at the end of the driveway, contemplating the very serious decision of which direction to run in, I decided 6 would do. I really did think easy, but my body was saying fast. I ran the first 3 miles pretty fast, no data recorded but I felt my lungs and legs work overtime. After that, I decided to do the whole thing kinda fast and kept pushing.

I've been craving a good shopping spree. I can almost smell spring on the horizon and that means I need some cute dresses. and money.

Are you a good decision maker?

How often do you go shopping? I'm not much of a shopper but I love dresses and spring/summer clothes.

Excited for the 3-day weekend? plans?

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