Wednesday, March 20, 2013

runners emotions: jealousy, sad and excitement

I've been taking it easy this week with a bunch of easy runs because 1) my knee is feeling very sore and achy and 2) I'm running a half marathon this weekend.

I have to admit that I was VERY sad and jealous that I didn't run the LA Marathon on Sunday.

I made the decision to run Surf City back in October instead of LA because of financial reasons, so I can't really be upset about it but I really wished the situation was different and I could have ran both. Oh well, I'll start saving now for next year.

I have been in a little running slump lately (probably because of my knee, not running LA, and general life blues) but hopefully running this half marathon will cheer me up/ reignite my love for running and get me in the mood to start training for a PR (I'm thinking the CA Classic in May).

I'm sure it will be a great race because….
1) It's a TRAIL run. which means we get to run through dirt, hills and nature. My absolute favorite kinda run. I've never raced on trails just my usual Saturday trail runs.
2) I heard the post-race festivities are awesome! Whole Foods has a booth setup! Woah!
3) I also heard there are tons of freebies and giveaways! Ekkk! exciting :)
4) It's a spring race. Perfect running weather

Ever ran a trail race?

Ever had to make a decision between two things you REALLY wanted to do??

Today is the first day of Spring- What's your favorite season?

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