Tuesday, April 16, 2013

boston strong

I have never run Boston. I may never be fast enough to run it. But I have crossed plenty of finish lines and I plan to continue to do so. #BostonStrong

What happened yesterday at the Boston Marathon was terrible. I watched the race and then saw the explosion coverage on the news. It was unfair, sad, and scary.

As a runner, my thoughts turned to the athletes. What happened? Is everyone ok? The runners can't finish their race? I thought back to the marathons I've ran and the thought of enduring pain for 26.2 miles, being thirsty, hungry, tired and excited to finish only to have that sense of accomplishment taken away by some ruthless act.

The fact that this terrible act can happen during a race scares me. To think that something I do for fun could put me in danger or harm my friends or family is terrifying.

Running Boston has been a dream of mine for a while. This incident is scary but it won't stop me. I'll still run. I'll get faster. I'll run Boston.

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