Thursday, April 18, 2013

Track Thursday- speed work

Except I didn't run on the track.

I focused on speed work for the second time this week. I don't have hills in Dinuba and since I want to run faster (and maybe BQ someday) I thought running sprints and less miles might do the trick.

There is a track in town- the local Jr. High has a dirt track that's accessible (There's a giant fence around the HS track). I prefer to run in the AM, and last time I tried running a track workout at this track I realized theres a period 0 P.E class.

Instead of the track, I found a 800 meter strip with very very little traffic near Centennial Park.  It worked perfectly.

I have been struggling with my speed for a while. Plus after the last half marathon my leg has been bothering me so it's difficult to run 100% since I don't want to hurt myself. ( I don't really know what part is bothering me, it seems to be the back of my knee/ thigh. I have been icing and stretching)

My first 800 meters was slow (3:44) and definitely defeating. I kept at it, huffing and puffing for 5 more repeats. When I looked at my Garmin after the 3rd one, I thought the thing might be broken since it said 3:26.  Hopefully this means that my legs are moving faster and not that the satellites were playing with my GPS.

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