Saturday, April 20, 2013

i miss my running route...

I loved my long run running route. It was long enough for a 24 mile LR and challenging enough for a 10 mile run. It had rolling hills. The shoulder was wide enough for a group. There were a few water fountains. It was near a trail. sigh…

I mentioned before that Dinuba is FLAT. Flat is boring.

Last week I went out for a 12 mile run on Alta Ave which turns into RD 80. It's the road that connects Dinuba to thing remotely fun in Visalia or any town south. Its surrounded by orchards (which has a nice nature/ country feeling) except there's construction, dirt and mayhem all around. No water fountain, no hills, no shade, no fun.

The run wasn't amazing. 12 miles were done. Can't complain.

This morning, I water to do 13 miles but didn't really feel like venturing out into the open and loose dirt road so I decided to run 5 miles around my neighbor and then run to the Jr. High ( a total of 3 miles, back and forth) and run 5 miles around the track. It wasn't terrible; there was a water fountain, zero spectators and there's dirt and cement options. 5 miles isn't too mind numbing and totally doable but anymore than that would have sucked.

It didn't suck. It wasn't awesome.

I miss the hills, the challenge, the So-Cal breeze. I miss my old running route.

Tell me about your favorite running route? Least favorite? 

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